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Business Principle
Promote Health as a Positive, Fashionable, Care-Free Consumer Habit and Lifestyle
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                           Award-Winning Patented Innowation Wonder Solution at its Best!
                           Let's Achieve Our Mutual Goals Together As One!
                           Looking for Agents and/or Distribuors Wordwide Now!!
To be our agents and/or distributors:
Demonstrate the integrity of an independent operator,while possessing the qualification fo an independent legal personality of a corporate entity 
Share our vision, goals, business model, and with reputable credit standing
Display long-term business development commitm and experienced in managing similar/compatible product category
Acquired excellent marketing acumen and have access to established sales net
Our Exclusive Service Program to Our Agents and/or Distributors:
Wordwide standardized pricing/invoicing for regional price control/protection
Complete with international, national patent,certificates and all relevant lab test reports
Integrated product training and Customers Q&A
Comprehensive support of storefront print ads and sales tools
Reliable product supply via speedy, secured and proven logistic supply chain
Timely service support on new market exploration and product samples
Superb customer database tracking service